Your Best Photo Of 2017 Assignment Winner Amy Ames

Photo By Amy Ames

Congratulations to Amy Ames for winning the Your Best Photo Of 2017 assignment with the image, “Fresh Catch.”

“I was lucky enough to spend five days at Cook Inlet in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska, in late July of 2017. The salmon were just starting to run, and that morning we were so excited to see the bears fishing on the beach. This cub had just snatched this catch from its mother and ran down the beach. This cub had so much personality taunting its siblings with the fish, like a naughty child. I’ve never seen a cub with this much personality. Of course, the seagulls weren’t going to let him get away either. They buzzed him trying to snag a quick bite. My favorite part of this photo is the interaction between the cub and the pack of hungry seagulls. My whole experience at Cook Inlet was magical, and I can’t wait to get back there.”

Nikon D5, Nikon 500mm f/6.3. Exposure: 1/1250 sec., ISO 1000

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