CityWood, Beautiful Laser Cut 3D Wooden Maps of Cities From All Over the World


Indie Designers, an artist collective in Krakow, Poland is currently raising funds through Kickstarter for their gorgeous CityWood minimalist 3D wooden maps that can be customized to a huge list of cities from around the world. Each map is laser cut using updated site specific data. These maps are extremely detailed in design, come in a variety of sizes and look beautiful hanging on a wall.

The CityWood is created form a city data that is transferred in the computer, features such as roads/streets and rivers are converted into layers to create depth of the design. …Each layer is cut separately with a one hundredth of a millimeter precision and polished with sand paper to provide smooth clean surface. To protect the wood each surface is finished with varnish to add color and make it more lasting. Each map is unique due to the individual grain of the wood.

A post shared by CityWood (@thecitywood) on

A post shared by CityWood (@thecitywood) on


City Wood Making Map

City Wood Map and Piano

City specific maps

CityWood NYC
New York City, New York

City Wood Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico

City Wood Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

City Wood Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

CityWood Madison Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

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