Davie504 Crushes the Wicked Bass Riff That deadmau5 Claimed to Be Technically Impossible


In an interesting set of circumstance that could only happen online, the very talented Davie504 responded to a claim/challenge/dare put forward by deadmau5 about the bassline of his song “Strobe“. This claim came after he heard the remixed version of the song by Sparkee. As with all his other challenges, Davie not only effortlessly conquered this “technically impossible bassline”, he crushed it.

Deadmau5 was listening to Sparkee’s remix of “Strobe” and said that the bassline of that remix was “technically impossible” and he would love to see a bass player play that part live… So let’s see if that’s really an impossible riff….

This whole thing started with Sparkee’s remix of “Strobe” by deadmau5.

Upon hearing this remix, deadmau5 offered his thoughts on the remix along with the challenge that Davie504 answered.

I retract the negative thoughts I had in the first five seconds of this. That’s some serious bass I know It wasn’t played it’s all it’s all drawn or MIDI sequence and stuff but I would love hear someone trying to fucking shred that live. That would be insane so and some of that is, some of the some of the way that you program
that bass is like technically impossible to do.

In response to deadmau5’s reaction, Sparkee decided to “fucking shred that live” with his guitar on Twitch.

Here’s a follow up to the bassline from my remix/cover of Deadmau5’s Strobe! Deadmau5 cut off my guitar solo on his Twitch stream and that made me sad haha.

Another bassist, FunkyRegan, also decided to answer the challenge and called upon other bassists to do the same.

My fellow bass friends try out this impossible bassline; then record a version of this, upload it to youtube and put the link in the comment box below 😀 I would love to watch different versions of this impossible bassline played by different bass players 😛

Here’s the original, un-remixed version of “Strobe”

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